Outlander season 4: 3 predictions for the teaser


Starz subscribers will get a first look at the upcoming season, which series EP Matthew B. Roberts says will be centered around the idea of home.

Sing me a song of a lass that was gone … for only four weeks. That’s right, Sassenachs: It’s been just a month since Outlander‘s third season ended but Claire and Jamie will be back in our lives much quicker than expected. Entertainment Weekly reports that Starz will air a sneak peek of season 4 this Sunday after an all-day Outlander marathon.

Obviously this first look will only be a brief respite from the current Droughtlander — just one scene from the upcoming season, actually. That’s not a lot of time, but I bet it will manage to do at least one of the following:

Build upon the season 4 teaser

The clip below — a bridge between seasons 3 and 4 — surfaced shortly after the third season finale aired. It sees Claire and Jamie pondering the American Dream.

If Sunday’s entire preview is just Claire and Jamie murmuring sweet nothings to one another, I’ll be happy. And if Jamie were to be as adorably confused about the American Dream as he was about bikinis in “A. Malcolm,” I’ll be plain delighted.

Introduce a new character or two

Sure, we know Brianna and Roger will turn up at one point or another. But I’m more interested in catching a glimpse of Jamie’s aunt, who will be played by Maria Doyle Kennedy of Orphan Black and sounds like she has a lot in common with her niece Jenny. At the very least I’d like to meet Rollo.

Tease the season’s overall theme

According to executive producer Matthew B. Roberts, the new season will see our heroes figuring out exactly where and what “home” is after they wash ashore in Georgia. Roberts told EW:

"Over the last three seasons, Jamie and Claire didn’t know where they are going to live. They never plant their feet. Now they’re getting to that place that they can call home. But the meaning of home is different for people. That’s what we will dig into in season 4."

Who knows? Maybe Claire and Jamie will decide to put up their feet during Sunday’s sneak peek. Perhaps they’ll break ground on a joint print-shop/medical clinic. Stranger things have happened on Outlander.

But it’s more likely our heroes will realize (cue the emotional music) that they are each other’s true home.

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The Outlander season 4 first look will air Sunday, January 14 at 10 p.m. ET on Starz.