A Kitty Pryde solo film might be the next best thing to come out of the X-Men franchise


According to new reports, Tim Miller’s next gig could be developing a Kitty Pryde solo film for the X-Men film franchise.

From Deadpool to Logan and the upcoming Dark Phoenix film, Fox has done some incredible things with the X-Men franchise as of late. Though the Disney acquisition of Fox looms in the background, the studio has always pushed the envelope, whether because they had to or because it was time for the superhero landscape to change.

The R-rated Deadpool film pretty much broke the barrier for R-rated films when it grossed a worldwide total of $783 million against its $58 million budget. That was in 2016. By the end of 2017, another superhero film, Wonder Woman, came out of the gate swinging and proved that female superheroes can get the job done, too.

And I believe that it’s the combined success of these two aforementioned films that makes a Kitty Pryde solo film a possibility for Tim Miller (who coincidentally directed Deadpool). Of course, he needs to complete Terminator first. But I’m already on board with a Kitty Pryde solo film if he can find a way to combine the wonder of Wonder Woman and the comedy of Deadpool.

Plus, it could bring Ellen Page back to the franchise. Last seen in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, there’s no reason she can’t return as the first big-screen LGBTQ superhero lead. I mean, the X-Men films always sidelined Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, so we still don’t know much about her story. Thanks to X-Men: Last Stand, we only know that she packs a heavy punch and can be a little bit crass, too. ‘Member that time she took out Juggernaut?

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Seriously, it’s so genius, I’m almost disappointed that it took us this long to even think of a Kitty Pryde solo film. Obviously, the cinematic climate has to get warmed up first, but I think it’s time.