25 of the best family feuds on TV

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The holidays are among us, and we know we’ll be arguing with our loved ones. Here are 25 of the best feuds from our favorite TV families.

The holiday season is great for togetherness, but terrible for our sanity. As much as everyone loves being around family and friends, all that familiarity can breed annoyance. Just like our very own families get on our nerves in real life, TV families face the same struggles. These are the best family feuds on TV.

Although your families probably aren’t stabbing each other in the head with kitchen knives, ratting each other out to the police, or dosing each other’s strawberry shakes with meds, I bet there are a few family feuds you can relate to in this list.

From scheming mother-in-laws to nagging older brothers, to abusive fathers, the families on this list will (hopefully) make your holidays seem so much more functional. Even the worst spats at your family holiday gathering won’t compare to some of these families’ terrible behavior.

At the very least, when your obnoxious uncle is trying to explain his weird hobby or your loser cousin is smoking behind the garage, you can sneak off and read a list of 25 families that have it way worse than yours does. It will give you the perfect excuse to ignore them while you sip your chardonnay out of a red Solo cup and pick at leftovers.

(Warning: some clips might contain language that you don’t want your grandparents to hear.)