25 of the best family feuds on TV

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Gemma Teller Morrow and Tara Teller — Sons of Anarchy

Mother-in-laws are notoriously hard to manage, and the relationships with their daughter-in-laws are often fraught with complicated family politics. But even the worst mother-in-law can’t compare to Gemma Teller Morrow and her fierce protection and toxic nurturing.

Even though Gemma wound up murdering Tara in her kitchen, their dynamic wasn’t always quite so deadly. It started in the standard way: boy meets girl, they fall in love, and boy’s mother immediately feels jealous and schemes to break them up.

These two butted heads almost from the beginning. While Gemma sensed Tara’s disapproval of Jax’s involvement in the motorcycle club, Tara felt Gemma creating constant instability in her life and relationships. Tara wasn’t completely wrong, mind you. There was constant murder, mayhem and danger. Tara never really felt completely safe. She wasn’t great at hiding it either, and Gemma wasn’t one to suffer disrespect. They were openly hostile to each other for most of the series’ run.

You can’t blame Gemma completely, however. Tara was the one who started scheming first, conspiring to leave the MC and taking Jax’s two young sons with her. After a while, Tara became disillusioned with being the first old lady of Jax’s club, and concocted a plan that would get her and her kids out of there.

This plan, it turns out, was the beginning of the (deadly) end of the feud. This family dispute ended with Gemma and Tara wrestling around on the kitchen floor, and Tara eventually being drowned in the sink and being stabbed in the head. Gemma, on the other hand, met an equally violent end, having her brains blown out by her own son in the rose garden.