Once Upon a Time season 7 episodes 7 and 8: 4 key moments


A look back at 4 key moments from Once Upon a Time season 7, episodes 7 and 8, including the revelation of who Hook’s daughter and baby mama are!

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from season 7, episodes 7 and 8 of Once Upon a Time.

Last night, we were treated to not one, but two new episodes of Once Upon a Time! The first hour tells of how Hook became a father, while the latter episode, “Pretty in Blue,” has Jacinda seeking help from Lucy’s father — who is not Henry — to fight her custody. Wait, what? (Did I get you intrigued? You ain’t seen nothing yet.)

If you haven’t watched the episodes yet, you might want to do that. But in case you’re too curious now (or you’ve already seen them and you just need a refresher), here’s a look at four key moments we extracted from the episodes:

  1. Magic, gleam and glow…

In a flashback, Snow White defeated Regina in battle, stripping her of her magic. In exchange for passage on the Jolly Roger out of the Enchanted Forest, Regina offers Hook a way to exact his revenge on Rumplestiltskin: she presents him with information on a witch who possesses a flower containing enough magic to destroy Rumplestiltskin. Cue one of my favorite fairy tales of all-time!

Hook climbs up a tower in which the flower is kept. There, he meets Rapunzel, who is imprisoned in the tower. Unfortunately, she can’t give him what he’s looking for — the flower has wilted. But there’s a garden full of the flowers, supposedly, so he goes out to seek it.

  1. Hook and Rapunzel, sitting in a … tower? B-A-B-Y?

Upon retrieving the flower, Hook returns to Rapunzel to rescue her. Instead of leaving, however, they spend the night together (I didn’t see that coming), and the following morning wake to their newborn baby crying (I didn’t see that coming, either)! How was that possible, you ask? Why, magic, of course! Having a baby was her ticket out of the tower — one of her bloodline must take her place in order for her to escape. Twist!

And it turns out, Rapunzel isn’t actually Rapunzel at all, but Mother Gothel impersonating Rapunzel (I actually saw that coming — the girl was acting shady)! Another twist!

And the baby? Hook was presented with a dilemma: abandon the baby (like his dad did him), or be a parent. And so his days of fathering his mother’s namesake begins. His mother’s name? Alice. Is there such a thing as too many twists?

Alice is the daughter of Hook and Mother Gothel. Interesting.

  1. Missing persons case, solved?

Back in Hyperion Heights, Detective Rogers believes that he has finally solved the case of the missing Eloise Gardener, whom he thought to be deceased. His search eventually led him to Mother Gothel, who was masquerading as Eloise. Too bad he doesn’t recognize her. Victoria is then arrested for harboring her. (Was that Ivy’s big plan?)

Residents of Hyperion Heights should prepare themselves — all hell’s broken loose (well, even more loose than it was already).

  1. Who’s Nick?

Nick shows up at Roni’s. Wait, who’s Nick? Well, he’s a lawyer who’s going to be helping Jacinda to regain custody of Lucy. Oh, and he’s her dad. Yeah, we’re shocked, too. (Do I sense a parallel to Mary Margaret/David/Kathryn?)

It turns out that Henry knows Nick from the Enchanted Forest, and his real name is actually Jack. (As in Jack and the Beanstalk? I think so! Can’t wait to see more of that this season.)

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Once Upon a Time will return with an all-new episode on Friday, Dec. 8. The show airs at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.