First look at Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo isn’t helping


Fans already don’t want this Han Solo movie and the first look at Alden Ehrenreich as the iconic character isn’t helping us want it any more.

First of all, we don’t need the Han Solo movie and I’ve said that from the get-go. And now with this believed ‘first look‘ at Alden Ehrenreich isn’t helping matters. I’d like to preface this by saying that I hate the idea of this movie and I don’t like the casting of Alden as Han Solo.

Now that you know my feelings, let me explain why this ‘first look’ isn’t great. It’s basically a caricature that you’d draw with the idea of Alden as Han in your mind, meaning it isn’t great and the fact that his hair looks like a blowout isn’t really helping either.

Am I just being particularly harsh because I don’t want this movie in the first place? Maybe but also this picture is ridiculous.

The cup comes from a theater in Arizona where the loyalty cup featured characters from movies. First of all, don’t make your Han Solo be Alden Ehrenreich on a loyalty cup. It is Harrison Ford or bust.

But again, I’m part of the “why even bother” clan with this movie, so I can’t really talk. It has already been riddled with problems, and the rumors surrounding it don’t help our “excitement” for it. Maybe all the shortcomings and stops along the way were a sign? Was the universe trying to express what our angry tweets couldn’t to Disney?

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Well, we’ll have to wait and see what comes of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Yes, that is the name of it. As if the movie wasn’t going to be bad enough.

As much as I hate the idea of it though, I’ll be in the theater seeing my favorite scoundrel on screen.