Should we worry about the reports on Han Solo’s director issues?


Han Solo’s Star Wars solo adventure might have a new director taking over, but should fans be concerned over why the previous directors got fired?

In case you’ve been spending time in a wampa cave lately, which, we wouldn’t blame you because of how hot it is in most parts of the country, Han Solo, which still doesn’t technically have a title, has a new director: Ron HowardStar Wars will continue warring in the stars, and all is well, right?

Well, Entertainment Weekly proceeded to then report what went into the firing of Chris Miller and Phil Lord. And the word, again, for those who have recently come back from Hoth, is indeed fired.

Apparently, the actors had the chance to go farther from the script than Lucasfilm felt comfortable with. This is not necessarily a problem. If the script needed help, then the movie could have improved.

The problem seems to be that Lawrence Kasdan wrote the script, and, having written on three of the four Star Wars movies that people generally find acceptable, Lucasfilm ended up going with his take. (The fourth is A New Hope. Don’t message me.)

Now, here’s where we move into the realm of slightly more grain-of-salt. Star Wars News Net, in its own article, says that Alden Ehrenreich also weighed in on the matter. That is, it seems he also had issues with where the character and the film were going.

Much as fans may still find his casting concerning, and I just want to say here that I have had doubts for a year, his feeling that the movie got too far away from the spirit of Han has to be a positive sign. That supposes that SWNN has the right of it, of course. Taking that as true makes it seem as though the issues were pretty apparent even to the actors. SWNN goes a bit more in-depth and also appears to agree that the script wasn’t the problem.

So, what’s a fan to think here? Right now, trusting Lucasfilm seems safe. As my colleague noted, the plan is to keep the Star Wars train rolling. The company wants quality pictures in order to further that plan. This is also SWNN’s general take at the end of everything.

And hey, remember how we were worried about Rogue One last year? Remember how that turned out?

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Let’s all take a deep breath, remind ourselves that we are one with the Force and the Force is with us, and pay more attention to The Last Jedi for a little while.