Once Upon a Time season 7, episode 5 review: Greenbacks


The latest episode of Once Upon a Time focused in large part on Tiana’s backstory, as well as the reveal that someone other than Victoria is awake in Hyperion Heights. Here are our thoughts on “Greenbacks.”

Once Upon a Time has brought a new twist to the story of The Princess and the Frog, and I can’t say I hate it. In fact, I actually prefer it. In some ways, anyway.

For the 2009 animated film, Tiana was a commoner-turned-princess. But Friday’s episode told a different story: When her father passed on (well, that’s one similarity), their wealth began to run dry, so she had to find a prince to marry to secure her family’s legacy. But who needs a prince when you’re already your own knight in shining armor? It’s no wonder Prince Naveen has yet to be cast … the girl is her own hero! Nevertheless, I’m really hoping to see Naveen at some point during this season.

What do I love about the twist? Tiana doesn’t turn into a frog at all — instead, she was merely the one who reunited two long-lost lovers frogs together. Awwww!

Meanwhile, in Hyperion Heights, Roni’s maternal instincts kicked in, warning Henry (Andrew J. West) off of Ivy. Yes, I know, Jacinda is supposed to be his true love. But it’s hard not to root for Ivy in this love triangle (didn’t I tell you?), because, well … it’s Ivy.

And speaking of Ivy … she’s awake!

We have yet to see how she regained her memories or if her memories were ever truly lost, but she’s clearly in cahoots with Vicky (which is actually quite surprising!). As for what Ivy’s endgame is, she obviously wants revenge. Was she jealous of her sister? It seems her mother favored her sister more than her — at least that is what I got from their gut-wrenching conversation at the end of the hour.

Maybe Ivy’s agenda isn’t what we think it is — maybe she’s good after all? I’m not going to stop wishing upon a star firefly, guys.

Other thoughts about the episode:

  • Where’s Charlotte? She was the bee’s knees!
  • When word of Tiana’s pop-up beignet shop reaches Vicky, Vicky phones a man named Ralph, and tells him to wreck it. (Get it?)
  • I loved the fireflies! Tiana’s kingdom may not be in New Orleans, but it sure felt like it was!
  • Not exactly Tiana’s Place, but I’m all for a beignet food truck! Can it make its way down to California? Please and thank you.
  • Roni found a photo of her and Henry! Henry knows about the photo! Now what? How do they wake up? I can’t take the suspense!

In summary, this was another episode from beginning to end. I had so much fun watching the episode, given that the spotlight was on two of my new favorite characters (Tiana and Drizella). I want more of them!

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