Once Upon a Time: Why is Belle the only one who aged?


Belle’s [spoiler] in last week’s episode of Once Upon a Time was a bold and risky move — but why did she [spoiler], and everyone else is still [spoiler]?

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Once Upon a Time. Read at your own risk.

First off, let me rewrite what I wrote above, spoilers and all: Belle’s death in last week’s episode of Once Upon a Time was a bold and risky move — but why did she die, and everyone else is still alive?

Second off, it’s a valid question, right?

On last Friday’s Once Upon a Time, the Rumbelle story came to a bittersweet end. After forever and a half, Rumple had finally chosen good over evil — he and Belle spent the remainder of their days together, finding a way to rid of the Dark One’s Dagger so that he could be mortal and live out his days with her. But when Belle discovered a prophecy that led them to the Edge of Realms — where time was supposed to stand still, mind you — she still aged.

Before you ask questions, let me finish.

On her deathbed, Belle reveals to Rumple that she purposely misinterpreted the prophecy — that it was her death that would lead Rumple to freedom from the Dark One’s Dagger. Then, she peacefully breathed her last breath.

Okay, now, take a moment to collect yourself before proceeding further.

Anyway, I get it. It was a beautiful and fitting ending to Rumbelle’s story, one that could even possibly be given an epilogue (should Rumple find the mysterious Guardian that will set him free and allow him to be reunited with Belle). But what I don’t understand is, why was Belle the only one to die?

Which leads me to my second question: what are the timelines? Gideon didn’t age much when his mother died. In fact, he looked about the same age as Adult Henry. And speaking of Adult Henry, why didn’t his mother — Emma — age and die? How far back did the events in Hyperion Heights take place? Here I thought we were in present-day Seattle, which is why I am so confused to see Belle aging and ailing. How many years have gone by, exactly?

And where exactly did they travel to? Did they travel to locales where time sped out of control?

This is how confused I am — even my questions aren’t making sense to me right now.

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Maybe you (yes, you) can make sense of all of this for me, because no one is answering my questions! What are your opinions, thoughts, etc.? Do you have any questions to add that I may have missed? I really hope the showrunners will shed some light to this mystery. I really do. We can’t stay confused forever, right?