Hocus Pocus is getting a remake! There’s just one problem


The Sanderson Sisters will be resurrected once again in a new Hocus Pocus remake! But the original cast and director aren’t involved.

It’s a Halloween miracle! We’ve waited 300 years for the Hocus Pocus remake. And it’s finally happening! After decades of speculation, it’s finally been confirmed that a Hocus Pocus remake is in the works. While the new movie is destined to put a spell on you, there is a catch.

According to reports, Disney Channel is in the early stages of a “reimagining” of the classic Disney movie. The problem? The original cast and the original director, Kenny Ortega, aren’t involved. Original producer David Kirschner is, though, which is a positive sign.

Thanks to the constant replaying on the Disney Channel and Freeform during Halloween, Hocus Pocus has gained a huge cult following, enough to spawn new fashions this year alone. And fans have been clamoring for a sequel or remake ever since.

Earlier this week, screenwriter Mick Garris confirmed that they were working on a script for a sequel for TV, but this news means that the remake is what’s actually happening.

I’m not sure Hocus Pocus could be the same without Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy, who played the original Sanderson sisters and the villains of the film, though. Hopefully they’ll at least make some sort of cameo even if they’re not starring in the remake.

At least one of them has expressed how much she loved working on the film, so there’s still hope. “You don’t get to see women doing slapstick too much, and in the movie you can see that we’re having a blast. For the life of me, I can’t understand why there’s not a sequel,” Midler previously told Billboard. “All the shackles were off […] It was a perfect storm of fun.”

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But hopefully the remake won’t run amuck, amuck, amuck. We’re not sure we can handle it.