This new Hocus Pocus fashion line will put a spell on you


Halloween is still a few months away, but Spencer’s gifts (yes, that’s still a thing) is helping us get into the spooky spirit with a delightfully enchanting line of clothing and accessories inspired by the 1993 classic Hocus Pocus.

Someone must have lit that black flame candle again, because the Sanderson sisters of Hocus Pocus are making another comeback. This time, it’s in the form of a surprisingly cute line of clothes, costumes, and accessories inspired by the greatest Halloween movie of all time. Spencer’s (yes, the same Spencer’s that used to make you giggle with its dirty knick knacks at the mall) just dropped a Hocus Pocus line with everything from spider hair clips to quote-emblazoned wine glasses.

The whole obsession with squeezing every last drop of money out of beloved ’90s shows and movies lately has gotten pretty out of hand. But in this case, the team that dreamed up this collection actually found a good balance of tapping into the rampant Millennial thirst for nostalgia and creating something new and different. Scrolling through all the available products, it quickly becomes clear that Hocus Pocus is the perfect movie to channel into a shoppable line: it’s distinctively stylish (don’t even act like you didn’t want to be Sarah Jessica Parker’s character), epically quotable, and with Halloween approaching, so timely. I may or may not have purchased an entire set of wine glasses in the process of writing this post.

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So this line came at just the right time to give us our much-needed Thackery Binx fix. You can shop the entire collection here.