Are Six Flags theme parks becoming the DC Comics theme parks?


As theme parks announce their new rides for 2018, it looks like Six Flags theme parks want to become the new DC Comics theme parks.

Each year, theme parks must add new, innovative and thrilling theme park rides to their lineup. From record-breaking roller coasters to family-friendly rides, the new offerings bring in more visitors. But Six Flags has been incorporating more than just innovation. Their new rides focus on branding, specifically DC Comics characters. Do this influx of rides mean that Six Flags is now the DC Comics theme parks?

Every theme park needs a theme to bring in guests. Places like Universal or Disney have a built-in audience. Harry Potter fans flock to Universal while other families are drawn to the magic of Disney. But theme parks throughout the U.S. seek guests to walk through their turnstiles. Without the draw of a Guinness World Record-breaking coaster, how can a theme park bring in more guests?

The Six Flags tie-ins with DC Comics is a perfect way to draw more fans to the Six Flags theme parks. Fans are loyal to their favorite characters and stories. Branding the new rides with these popular characters appeals to the fan base. But the branding doesn’t neglect theme park ride loyalists who are looking for the big thrill. The combination should bring an increase of visitors to the theme parks.

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster, photo from BusinessWire

New for 2018, Six Flags is banking on female DC Comics characters to spark an increased influence. Building on the box office success of Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman will be a force at Six Flags locations. After the successful launch of Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, two theme parks will debut Wonder Woman themed roller coasters. The iconic female superhero dares riders to experience the biggest drops and technologically advanced designs.

Completely new for 2018 is the introduction of Harley Quinn-themed rides. Considered a slightly imbalanced, eccentric DC Comic character, these Harley Quinn-themed rides will have riders unbalanced, just like the rides’ namesake. From spinning out of control to almost impossible near misses, these new thrill rides will cause an adrenaline spike.

With new rides implementing female-inspired themes, theme parks show that women and women characters act as a huge driving force. No longer are female fans pushed to the second row. Women are leading the way with their voices and spending power. The new Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn rides will be on the must ride lists for 2018.

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While fans will have to wait till next year for these thrill rides, many people will eagerly anticipate the opening dates. Based on the new DC Comics-themed rides, it appears that Six Flags theme parks might just become the DC Comics theme parks.