Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth swings to great heights at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


Summer 2017 is the summer of Wonder Woman. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom debuted its newest ride, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth.

Fans of the DC character Wonder Woman are excited for summer 2017. With the new movie about to hit theaters, everyone is joining team Wonder Woman. From clothing to food, Wonder Woman is everywhere. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom joined the excitement with the new thrill ride, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth

photo provided by Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Photo By: Greg Grudt/Mathew Imaging

In the super hero world, Wonder Woman stands for justice, equality and peace. As a strong female character, she can stand tall and fight alongside her male counterparts. With her Lasso of Truth, Wonder Woman compels anyone captured by the lasso obey and tell the truth. Truth be told, the new Six Flags ride, Lasso of Truth, swings and spins riders into submission.

According to Don McCoy, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom park president, this new ride “will exceed all expectations. Imagine propelling through the air, while concurrently spinning and reaching great heights at the same time. We welcome this iconic Super Hero to our growing line-up of DC- branded attractions.”

The Lasso of Truth is a pendulum type ride that swings riders back and forth. While swinging, the ride rotates counter-clockwise. Reaching speeds up to 70 mph, the experience is intense. Additionally, the pendulum reaches a height of 147 feet and a 120 degree angle.. At peak height, riders can experience weightlessness.

Watching the ride reach optimum height is quite a sight. Since the ride is located at the front of the park, the visual presence entices thrill seekers. Plus, the ride appears as if it swings out over the entrance path. The effect makes anyone who love thrill rides instantly excited.

While the ride has only been open for a few days, rider feedback is extremely positive.  Some riders feel that the Lasso of Truth is the scariest ride in the theme park.  Since each seat offers a different experience, riders keep coming back to ride again and again.

Additionally, the ride incorporated the iconic Wonder Woman colors. The ride’s theme is instantly recognizable. Also, the ride offers a large lightning package. At night, the ride can be seen throughout the theme park.

This Wonder Woman ride joins other DC themed thrill rides in the park. Located between Superman Ultimate Flight and The Joker, Lasso of Truth entices visitors as they enter the park. With another DC theme ride anticipated next year, The Penguin, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom believes DC fans will make the theme park a must visit.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is open Memorial Day through mid-August. For a complete calendar, ticket prices and park information, please visit the Six Flags website.

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Are you ready to obey and tell the truth? Be brave and get in line to ride Six Flag Discovery Kingdom’s Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth.