All the shows referenced in Stephen Colbert’s 2017 Emmys opening song


The 2017 Emmys started on a musical note and here are all the TV shows host Stephen Colbert referenced.

Stephen Colbert has something to tell you, or more specifically, something to sing you. At least that’s how the 69th Emmy Awards started. With a musical montage with a very specific message: The world’s a little better on TV.

So how did Colbert and the formidable Emmys writing staff make the case and which TV shows did they reference along the way? Glad you asked.

Here are the all the shows Colbert (and Chance the Rapper!) referenced.

The Walking Dead

Colbert: “Walk on the bright side with the recently deceased.”


Colbert: “When the world’s so scary you close your door and hide, open up and let Archer slip inside.”

Archer: “Phrasing.”

This Is Us

Colbert: “Watch This Is Us. You learn it feels so good to feel so sad.”

Stranger Things

Colbert: “Stranger Things is much less strange than our reality.”


Colbert: “I’d like to vote for Selina Meyer.”

Julia Louis Dreyfus: “Imagine if your president was not beloved by Nazis.”

The Americans

Colbert: “The Americans have hotter spies than the Russia inquiry.”

Colbert, Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys: “Even treason’s better on TV.”


Chance the Rapper: “I like Brooklyn-99, in fact I’m addicted. But where’s the cop show where one gets convicted?”


Chance: “I miss the classics, I still think M*A*S*H rocks, but if Hawkeye can be a soldier, why not Laverne cox”

Bob’s Burgers

Chance: “Bob’s Burgers makes you smile, but please don’t ignore the decline of the independent family run store.”

Handmaid’s Tale

Colbert: “Calm yourself by watching this dystopia.”

Colbert: “Look on the bright side, handmaids, at least your healthcare is free.”

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Colbert: “Even ol’ Kimmy agrees we’re up Schmidt’s creek”

Schitt’s Creek (???)

Colbert: “Even ol’ Kimmy agrees we’re up Schitt’s creek”

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