Let’s speculate about the new Outlander S3 photos


What we know—and what we’ve guessed—from the newly released photos from Outlander season 3.

Earlier today Entertainment Weekly published a preview of its upcoming Outlander cover story. Along with a few hints about the direction the Starz series will be going this season, EW shared a few exclusive images.

So far, we know that season 3 will catch us up on what Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) were doing during their 20-year separation. We also know that Claire will be spending a few episodes finding her way back to Jamie. With that in mind, here are our observations on the new Outlander photos.

It sucks to be Frank

Balfe says it best: “The relationship we all want is Claire and Jamie but the relationship most of us get or have had is Claire and Frank.”

Frank (Tobias Menzies) simply can’t compete—and he realizes it not long after he and Claire get back together. Just check out their body language at the breakfast table. Claire’s shoulders are tensed, her jaw is clenched, and Frank looks like a puppy that’s been kicked. There’s no way that scene ends without the teapot being thrown against the wall.

“These are two good people, they’re trying to do their best, but they’re just never going to be able to give each other what they need,” Balfe told EW. “That’s very fertile ground for good drama.”

It’s back to the status quo (sort of) for Claire and Jamie

Two of the new Outlander pics see the couple doing what they did best before they fell in love. For Claire, that means being the MacGyver of nurses. For Jamie, that means being unjustly arrested. One image sees Claire—presumably back in the 18th century—taking care of a sick or wounded a man onboard a ship. A manacled Jamie is in the other, presumably being escorted off to jail. Side note: His scowl is impressive.

Brianna isn’t the only character who will grow up onscreen

Season 3 will see the reappearance of Annoying Brianna (Sophie Skelton), Claire and Jamie’s daughter, who was raised by Claire and Frank. This season will feature flashbacks and multiple timelines, so it seems safe to say that we’ll watch Brianna more or less grow up.

Even better, we’ll get to see more of Claire and Jamie’s adopted son, Fergus (portrayed by Romann Berrux in season 2). According to Cesar Domboy, who will play the grown up Fergus, the relationship between his character and Jamie will be a main focus this year. “Jamie’s like a father figure, a savior, and a master,” the actor explained. “I’m right-handing Jamie on everything.”

I have a feeling I’ll be much more invested in Fergus’ story than Brianna’s. I mean, he and Jamie have matching tricorn hats!

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Balfe and Heughan got Best Eyes in high school

I have no evidence to back this up, but look at that cover photo. There’s no way I’m the first person to notice how gorgeous those peepers are.

Season 3 of Outlander premieres September 10 on Starz.