Game of Thrones season 7: 5 predictions for the season finale

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Episode 65 (season 7, episode 5), debut 8/13/17: Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington.

photo: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Game of Thrones is going to get absolutely wild in the season 7 finale, and here are our five predictions for what’s about to go down.

Warning: Monday means Game of Thrones spoilers are here. Study up on “Beyond the Wall” before venturing into these predictions.

The very last episode of season 7 airs next week, Game of Thrones fans, and after “Beyond the Wall,” it’s anybody’s guess what’s going to go down in the season finale. Even the preview didn’t provide much in the way of information.

Well, technically speaking, it’s not anyone’s guess. You know what we’re here for: story analysis leading to predictions about what’s going to happen in the season finale. If you’ve been here before, you know that we are not spoiler-free in these predictions, but you’ll see this:


Ahead of anything that is based on leaks from the Game of Thrones filming, and after they’re done, you’ll see this:

Spoilers end.

Pretty simple, right? We’ll link you to more information with each set of spoilers. With so much happening, it’s hard not to look at that temptation. It’s okay. We forgive you in advance if that’s what you need to hear.