Evan Rachel Wood deserves all the praise for her portrayal of Dolores on Westworld


Evan Rachel Wood brings Dolores to life on the HBO hit Westworld. The show doesn’t return until next year but we keep learning more.

Who knew that Evan Rachel Wood’s Westworld character Dolores Abernathy would have so many dimensions? It turns out that the show’s creators, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan knew all about the direction that Dolores would take from the beginning. Fans of the show didn’t find out until the season 1 finale titled “The Bicameral Mind.”

Westworld was nominated for an Emmy, proving that the sci-fi western is earning at least some of the credit that it’s due. The complexity of the show and the incredible plot twists made it a gamble.

Joy and Nolan recently shared the last two pages of the script from the Season 1 finale with The Hollywood Reporter. They even added notes from the final scenes, revealing a few things that no one knew about the Westworld filming.

The HBO hit has a great cast of Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, and Ed Harris but it is Evan Rachel Wood who deserves the highest praise for her ability to make Dolores so believable.

One of the biggest reveals Joy and Nolan made about the creation of Westworld concerned Evan Rachel Wood and her portrayal of Dolores. The creators admitted that they knew from the start that Dolores would not be ending the season as an innocent rancher’s daughter. After all that she experienced inside the confines of the artificial world, Dolores managed to morph into a much more dangerous version of herself.

We learned that Dolores was one of the oldest androids in Westworld and that because of her age and experience, Dolores was starting to evolve beyond her programming. By the end, she managed to transform into a vicious killer.

“When we were looking for Dolores, we knew where the character was headed.” Nolan and Joy said about choosing Evan Rachel Wood to play the iconic character. “How she would play this sweet rancher’s daughter was more of an unknown. We were blown away. Turns out she can do anything.”

Evan Rachel Wood at San Diego Comic Con

Last month, when Evan Rachel Wood was in San Diego for Comic Con, she talked about her Westworld character as well. She even got emotional when speaking of Dolores during a panel. According to USA Today, Wood admitted, “It’s almost hard to talk about it because I get really emotional. It changed my life.”

"“It was such a gift to be given,” she continued. “Realizing I was at the forefront of this responsibility, I kind of had a panic attack. I believed in it so much and I threw myself in it so much.”"

Rachel Evan Wood is known for her intensity as an actress. She revealed during Comic Con just how seriously she took the role of Dolores. Wood felt that she had this huge responsibility to portray her correctly and she definitely hit the mark.

"“As women — I don’t know how it is for men — a lot of times you feel like your wings have been clipped and you don’t feel like you’re represented. This is like somebody gave me f**king condor wings and let me fly.”"

It’s so good that she got those condor wings. Now if we could just fly right into season 2 of Westworld, that would be great. The HBO hit won’t be returning until 2018.

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Until then, we’ll have to be happy with the most recent trailer.