The Hunger Games theme park is next level ironic


The Hunger Games was about turning away from violence as entertainment. And now, the violent story is going to become interactive entertainment.

Call Alanis. The Hunger Games theme park is next level ironic. The book series that taught us not to glorify violence has been turned into a vacation.

According to Variety, Lionsgate is opening a theme park in South Korea dedicated to some of its most popular flicks. Among them are Twilight, Divergent, and The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games books and films follow Katniss Everdeen, a whip-smart competitor in a government-induced fight to the death. The books are considered for young adult audiences, but they deal with some very dark themes.

One of the most prominent reoccurring themes is how problematic violence for the sake of entertainment is. Throughout her story, Katniss is disgusted that so many people tune in to the battle royale and even celebrate it.

Not only does the story condemn those who enjoy watching violence, it warns readers and viewers that violent entertainment oppresses communities.

So we make a theme part about it?

So what do we do with that information? Ah, yes, create a commercialized entertainment hub celebrating The Hunger Games. Katniss would not be too pleased. What would the world look like? Utter destruction a la District 9 by the end of the series?

So families could see together how “cool” an apocalyptic experience is? Or will the park be fancy like a District 1 party? So parents can explain to their children treacherous governments are fun as as long as you’re at the top! Surely the park wouldn’t pay homage to the original material by being as realistic as possible. It seems like too many kids would get shot with arrows. Or conked out in a cornucopia scuffle.

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Like Harry Potter World before it, there’s definitely going to be a huge market for this enticing pop culture land. The difference, of course, is Harry Potter World is based on magic, not murder.