Here is what they don’t tell you about San Diego Comic-Con


You probably want to go to San Diego Comic-Con someday and I’m here to tell you one of the biggest things they don’t tell you about it.

Finally getting to go to San Diego Comic-Con is like getting the golden ticket. For years you probably sat on the sidelines, wishing you could have been among the celebrities and fans alike. But what they don’t tell you is how insane Comic-Con actually is.

That’s right folks, I’m giving you the real look at what you’re going to expect when you go to SDCC and guess what, it’s not what you think. You’re probably thinking, “You get to brush shoulders with celebrities though,” and you’d be wrong. You get to kind of see celebrities from a far unless you’re lucky enough to have gotten a signing wristband.

Basically you just wait in a lot of lines. Do you like Disneyland? It’s like that but you might not even get to ride the ride. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved it. I can’t wait to go back next year. But it is probably one of the most frustrating places I’ve ever been to.

Not only are there a million people there (not literally, but it feels that way), but they also don’t listen. Line control on the convention floor is pretty tight and they make sure to keep people moving. But outside, that’s a blood bath.

I didn’t get into Hall H because people cut and the line people said nothing about it. So of course I flipped out when the line people inside were really strict because where is the fairness in that?

But basically, at the end of the day, Comic-Con is a whole lotta lines and very little information into what you’re actually waiting for. But for some reason, we all love it.

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There’s this feeling that even when you’re stressed and hungry and angry, you’re still so happy to be there. And that’s really what makes Comic-Con so special.