A scrumptious sneak peek at Storybook Cosmetics’ new palette


Storybook Cosmetics gave us a little taste of its upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette. As expected, it’s absolutely scrumptious.

In January, Storybook Cosmetics announced its next palette. Last week, the company took to its Instagram page to give fans a Golden Ticket. In a surprise post, they revealed the packaging for the upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette… and it’s perfect.

The palette is a “book” bearing the title of the classic novel and the name of its author, Roald Dahl. Willy Wonka appears on the front alongside Charlie Bucket. Charlie holds aloft his Wonka Bar and the Golden Ticket found inside. The same image is featured on some editions of the original novel.

The Instagram post also shows an actual Golden Ticket hanging out of the palette. Though the entire text of the ticket is not visible, there appears to be a listed time (10 a.m.). The bottom line of text on the ticket matches the text in the image.

“Many wonderful surprises await you!” is a quote from the book. Still, the presence of the Golden Ticket is intriguing. Could it be that the Storybook Cosmetics palette contains additional surprises? Maybe the company has more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory news up its sleeve.

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Storybook Cosmetics is known for its cruelty-free makeup and beauty brushes inspired by literary giants. The company gained popularity when it released its first Harry Potter-inspired palette, which has since been followed by wizard-themed beauty brushes, liquid lipsticks, and more. They’ve also released makeup inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, and beauty brushes inspired by William Shakespeare.

What colors are you hoping to see in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette? Purples? Oranges? Greens? The possibilities are endless.