Star Wars: The Last Jedi gets its first piece of wearable fashion


Although Star Wars: The Last Jedi is still about five months away, fans looking for something to wear may want to look at Elhoffer Design’s latest offering.

We all know that Star Wars merchandise is going to be even easier to find than it is already once we get closer to The Last Jedi‘s release date. Force Friday arrives on Sept. 1 this year. That means there will be a three-month long deluge of toys, clothes, and more. Star Wars has seriously expanded its merch in the past few years, after all.

So if Force Friday is like a rainstorm, then this piece from Elhoffer Design is like the first shower, with those big, heavy drops that let you know that something bigger is coming.

Thanks to The Kessel Runway, take a look at the Galactic General Longline Cardigan:

That noise you may have just heard was Princess Leia fans excited about the chance to wear something dramatic, bold, and befitting a general. Yours truly was definitely among them.

As The Kessel Runway notes, this piece takes its inspiration from the look Carrie Fisher wore for that now-famous Vanity Fair cover. Fisher’s appears to be made of leather instead. However, Elhoffer Design really specializes in knits anyway.

And, if you don’t favor the brown, there’s a gray option that’s midway between the lighter gray Rey’s started sporting and the flat-out black of Kylo Ren. In other words, the gray might not be the most accurate to the actual costume in question. However, it’s right in line with the palettes of The Last Jedi so far.

Speaking of, the Vanity Fair covers appear to show costumes from the upcoming film, as confirmed by the trailer.

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That means we can expect to see Carrie Fisher wearing her leather version of this costume on the big screen when The Last Jedi arrives on Dec. 15.