We have the 15 best kisses so far in 2017 and they’re steamy!

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6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Rachel Bloom and Scott Michael Foster)

Rebecca Bunch has had some steamy kisses in the history of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend but this season really took the cake. From her almost marrying Josh Chan to the discovery that her boss is pretty hot, Rebecca was all about the guys.

And probably for not a healthy reason. She should have thought about herself a little more but damn those Santa Ana winds. Nathaniel Plimpton came to town this season and really threw a wrench in Rebecca’s not formulated plan. No really, she seemingly had no plan in sight but managed to say goodbye to Greg and agree to marry Josh throughout the whole season.

It might not have been the best moment between Rebecca and Nathaniel though (that goes to their song about sleeping with each other) but their elevator kiss was still a pretty memorable one. Basically the Santa Ana winds roll into town and Rebecca is stuck with these feelings for Nathaniel that he also shares for her.

So when the two are trapped in an elevator together of course they’re going to kiss! But we currently don’t know what is next for their relationship. After all, the end of the season did leave us with Rebecca alone after breaking off her engagement to Josh Chan.