Stranger Things now has a cute Demogorgon plushie (and more) from Funko


Funko’s new set of Stranger Things merchandise includes a plush Demogorgon best described as “cute but deadly,” one of which is not a normal descriptor.

Stranger Things ‘ second season doesn’t arrive on Netflix until Halloween. On the one hand, that makes sense for a show that involves spooky parallel dimensions. On the other, it means that there will be no summer binge-watch like there was for the first season last year. However, Funko has arrived to help fans bridge the gap with a pile of merchandise.

In a new press release, with an accompanying blog post, the company detailed all of its upcoming offerings, from a new line of Pop! figures to Mystery Minis to yes, even a plushie line that includes the Demogorgon.

Let’s start with the plushies, shall we?

Funko SuperCute Plushies — Stranger Things line. Image via Funko press release

Seriously, how much do you want to hug and squeeze the Demogorgon, then coo to it about how murderous it is in that voice you use for babies and puppies? You know the one. But for those who don’t need something quite so monstrous in your collection, you have seven other equally cute options. Yes, even Eleven with her nosebleed and Eggo is cute. Barb looks pretty adorable herself, and Dustin even has his hat! These should arrive this fall, helping to ramp up promotions for the new season.

There are also a lot of new Pop! figures. Although the post calls it S2, these are pretty clearly from season 1 and refer instead to the fact that this is the second series of Pop!s.

On the left there, you can spot Nancy and Jonathan, which means that with the SDCC version of Steve, you could have your very own sort-of kind-of love triangle play out on your desk. The hazmat versions of Chief Hopper and Joyce are exclusives at Hot Topic and Target, respectively. Also, check out Hopper, looking particularly contemplative with his coffee and donut in both variants. Hopper sans hat is the variant of this group.

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These will start showing up in August, so the wait for more Stranger Things merch, at least, isn’t too terrible.