Doctor Who, Stranger Things, and Twin Peaks all have SDCC exclusives from Funko


Funko has another grab bag of San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Pop! figures, including some Doctor Who, Stranger Things, and Twin Peaks.

According to Funko, today’s announcement of a fresh collection of TV Pop! figures for San Diego Comic-Con won’t be the last (something the company reiterated on Twitter). However, when the already-announced line has current television favorites like Stranger ThingsThe Walking Dead, Twin Peaks, and more, it’s hard to see how a second announcement could be better than the first.

(Then again, we also reserve the right to be surprised.)

Here’s the collection in its entirety:

Is that Impossible Girl herself, Clara Oswald? Yes, it is. Doctor Who fans might want to keep an eye out for another store to carry the figure, though. Funko also confirmed that she will be what they call a “shared exclusive”:

The week of SDCC is a long time to wait. However, the con doesn’t really kick off until Thursday of that week in July, so an early-week announcement for maximum hype-building seems pretty reasonable at this point.

But, Doctor Who companions aside, Twin Peaks now has a 2-pack of Laura Palmer and Dale Cooper as they appear in the Black Lodge. The Stranger Things line adds Mr. Clarke (he who does not keep the curiosity box locked, much to the benefit of our main characters) and a bloodied-up Steve, who still has the most perfect hair even in this miniaturized, stylized plastic form. The Walking Dead has T-Dog, ready for zombie-killing action with his bite-preventing gauntlets. Finally, Mr. Robot has a new take on Elliot, even though you can’t see his face.

Perhaps the coolest Pop! of them all is The Tick, however, just because it glows in the dark. How fun is that, right?

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If there are more TV series, is it too much to ask for something like House of Cards?