Batman dominates Funko’s announced San Diego Comic-Con DC collection


Do you like Batman? Funko is pretty sure you like Batman, since their San Diego Comic-Con line is full of different takes on the Dark Knight.

Technically speaking, Funko’s fifth announcement of San Diego Comic-Con Pop! figures, Dorbz, and more includes other DC properties, as well it should, because there are a lot of DC Comics properties. But in a case of either knowing the audience or just having a lot of Batman ideas, the announcement goes heavy on the Caped Crusader.

However, there are also some other exclusives and limited runs to catch your eye.

Check out the entire collection below:

Let’s count here: of the seven Pop! figures, five are either of Batman, Bruce Wayne, or a Batvillain in Man-Bat. There are three distinct Batmans (Batmen?) there. Admittedly, the Batman with his space helmet on is possibly the cutest Batman that will ever exist in any form anywhere. Additionally, the only action figure is of, you guessed it, Batman. Finally, among the Dorbz, you can spot Nightwing and Deathstroke together. Nightwing happens to be the first Robin, just all-grown-up. (The two-pack is also a run of only 1,500.)

However, Funko has not forgotten that the most recent movie to come out of the DC Comics world is not something from Batman, but is rather Wonder Woman. Ares finally has a Pop! of his own. Although it appears the figure is larger than the standard Pop!, it’s not labeled as a 6-inch figure in the announcement. Ares also appears as part of a Dorbz two-pack with Diana wearing her outfit from Themyscira.

The last solo Pop! here is of Aquaman from Justice League, labeled as “Aquaman with Motherbox” on the company’s blog. The items will play a part in the movie, so it’s no surprise that one made an appearance in the Pop! line.

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Last, but not least, the Wonder Twins have activated their powers and gotten a 3-pack along with Gleek. Since they’re not touching, they won’t suddenly transform, which is probably a good thing.

San Diego Comic-Con runs from July 20 to July 23 this year.