13 superheroes that rock red, white, and blue costumes

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General Glory (Image via Marvel)

6. General Glory

Speaking of strange costumes, let’s turn our attention to General Glory. Once again, the title belongs to a couple of different individuals, though the central concept remains the same: America.

Like at least a couple of other characters mentioned here, General Glory is a response to Captain America. General Glory, who first appeared in 1991, was first played by Joseph Jones. Joseph was a World War II soldier who was given powers by the personification of Lady Liberty. He becomes a superhero fighter for the U.S. and even teams up with the Beefeater, an English hero. Naturally, he also needs a Bucky Barnes sort of sidekick, so General Glory eventually finds Ernie, the Battlin’ Boy.

Like many superheroes, Jones is extraordinarily long-lived. However, his time comes to an end when he becomes too old and weak to continue transforming into the ultra-patriotic General Glory. His hospital roommate, an injured NYC cop named Donovan Wallace, eventually takes on the role.

Whoever is playing him, General Glory remains an amped-up Captain America. He sports red and white striped pants, as well as a blue hood, gloves, and boots, all decorated with stars. Furthermore, no one can miss the giant gold eagle emblazoned across his chest. If none of that helps you get the hint, then all of the literal flag-waving and patriotic song singing will likely get the point across.