13 superheroes that rock red, white, and blue costumes

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Yankee Poodle (Image via DC Comics)

11. Yankee Poodle

Patriotism doesn’t always have to involve super-serious, grim-faced emotions. At the very least, it’s hard to keep a straight face when confronted with a superhero called Yankee Poodle.

First appearing in 1982, Yankee Poodle is a talking poodle whose real name is Rova Barkitt, because of course it is. Rova inhabits a world where talking animals are the norm. Hence, readers first saw her interviewing actor Byrd Rentals in his home. While just trying to do her job, Rova is struck by a stray meteorite fragment.

Instead of being obliterated by a space rock, she instead gains the powers of “animal magnetism.” Byrd is also affected and gains superpowers. The duo team up, find a few other animal heroes, and form a group known as the Zoo Crew.

So, what exactly is “animal magnetism”? Yankee Poodle, as Rova comes to be known, can shoot various stars and stripes (colored red, white, and blue, naturally) out of her hands. One hand can attract objects, while the other repels them. Using both hands, Yankee Poodle can create “magno-blasts” and is able to travel up a ramp of red and white stripes while shooting blue stars behind her.

Given the silliness of her concept, no one is expected to take Yankee Poodle all that seriously. But that’s some real dedication to the bit if nothing else.