13 superheroes that rock red, white, and blue costumes

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American Maid (The Tick screencap via 20th Century Fox)

12. American Maid

If you’re somehow unaware of The Tick, here’s a quick refresher. He’s a superhero created by artist Ben Edlund in 1986. Originally, The Tick was meant only to be a newsletter mascot and a spoof of more serious superheroes. However, The Tick struck a chord and soon took off. Ben Edlund, who was only 18 when he created the character, was able to parlay The Tick into a comic series, animated show, video game, merchandising, and even a short-lived live-action TV show starring Patrick Warburton as the titular character.

Given that The Tick was created as a sort of loving parody of comics tropes, it comes as no surprise that there’s a kind of Wonder Woman analog. I am referring, of course, to the American Maid.

American Maid, who appears in the animated series, is actually a parody of two different characters. Given her physical prowess and Amazonian-style crime fighting, the parallels with Wonder Woman are pretty clear. Unlike many of the other so-called heroes featured on the show, American Maid is a formidable opponent. Yes, she flings her heels and tiara at villains, but does so with great strength and pinpoint accuracy. She’s the rare Tick character that actually gets something done.

American Maid is also a good Captain America twin; just look at that star spangled costume and tell me you don’t see it.