13 superheroes that rock red, white, and blue costumes

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Cover of American Barbarian (Image via AdHouse Books)

2. American Barbarian

It may be that you have no idea who this American Barbarian character is. While that’s okay, I’m here to quickly fix this issue. As written and drawn by Tom Scioli, who is apparently channeling trippy comics artist Jack Kirby, American Barbarian will make you want to run out in the street cheering.

This modern comic is set in, according to its summary, a “post-post-apocalyptic world.” This world is suffering the effects of “The Great Clusterf-k,” some sort of catastrophic event that nearly destroyed the world and our species. Still, humanity has managed to carve out a peaceful oasis in the midst of a violent land. This island of calm is presided over by Pa and his seven sons — all of whom sport red, white, and blue hair.

Tragedy is not far away, however. The tranquility is shattered by Two-Tank Omen, a world-conquering giant pharaoh with tanks for feet. This monster and his army kill all of the sons except for the youngest, Meric.

Meric then proceeds on an epic revenge quest. He even carves the word “revenge” onto his fingers, though he has three extra spots after he’s done with the seven-letter word. No matter – he just fills it in with exclamation points.

Perhaps those exclamation points are the best explanation of an exceedingly strange and breathtakingly awesome comic. If you want to feel extra, super, special American this holiday, then check out American Barbarian right now.