13 superheroes that rock red, white, and blue costumes

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The Force of July (Image via DC Comics)

3. The Force of July

As you’ve figured out by now, there have been many different patriotic superhero teams. There are the U.S. Avengers, the Freedom Fighters, and Freedom’s Five, just to name a few. Of course, I could not even begin to properly address this oddly diverse topic without naming The Force of July.

Honestly, The Force of July sounds a lot like a giant joke. In the world of superhero comics, it’s awfully hard sometimes to tell the difference between a joke or satire and the real deal. Still, I think we can get by without taking The Force of July too seriously.

So, who are these intrepid and nationalistic heroes? As it turns out, they’re actually antagonists for other teams, such as the Suicide Squad and the Outsider.

The original line-up consists of some of the most patriotic heroes you’ll ever lay eyes on. There’s Lady Liberty, who dresses up like the famous status and shoots energy out of her torch. Major Victory can fly and fight as well as any other DC character, and has a star-spangled jumpsuit to boot. Mayflower can control plants. Silent Majority can duplicate himself. Sparkler basically shoots sparklers and flies around. There are also a couple of government agents that accompany the team, including one named Abraham Lincoln Carlyle.

Alas, many of these team members are killed off. They’re eventually replaced by an offshoot group called Freedom’s Ring. This new team includes versions of Lady Liberty, Major Victory, and Silent Majority.

Freedom’s Ring also features a character named Bigfoot, who is essentially the Bigfoot. This is either irrelevant or uniquely American. I’m leaning towards the latter.