13 superheroes that rock red, white, and blue costumes

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Liberty Belle (Image via Marvel)

4. Liberty Belle

Some superheroes are more subtle than others. It’s true that superhero comics, in general, are not exactly known for their understated themes and finely-drawn, complex characters. That’s not to say that they don’t exist, especially as comics has become its own distinguished art form.

But understatement is really not the name of the game for Liberty Belle.

For one, Liberty Belle’s powers are triggered by the ringing of the actual Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. The first Liberty Belle, Libby Lawrence, actually had a sidekick in the form of a guard for the bell. His name? Tom Revere, of course. Whenever Libby gave him the signal, Tom would ring the bell (and somehow not get fired immediately after), giving her the necessary powers.

Later on, Libby would team up with Johnny Quick, a superhero who is definitely, probably not a knockoff of the Flash. They eventually marry and have a daughter, Jesse Chambers. Jesse takes on the mantle of Liberty Belle, enhanced by both of her parents’ powers. She actually teams up with The Flash on multiple occasions.

The original Liberty Belle’s costume isn’t strictly red, white, and blue. Rather, the white is often replaced by gold or yellow. However, her powers are just so incredibly American that it would be a crime not to include her here.