The Nimona movie finally has a release date … in 2020


Noelle Stevenson’s smash hit webcomic-turned-graphic novel, Nimona, is getting a feature film adaptation. Now, the film has an official release date for 2020, which means it’s time for fancasts to begin.

Since Twentieth Century Fox Animation acquired the film rights to Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona in 2015, fans have waited with bated breath for a release date. On Friday, Stevenson retweeted director Patrick Osborne with the news: Nimona will hit theaters in February 2020.

More specifically, it will premiere on Valentine’s Day. Spoiler alert: this animated film will make for a perfect date, whether with a significant other, friends, or yourself.

Osborne, who directed the Oscar-winning Disney short film Feast, will direct Nimona. Marc Haimes of Kubo and the Two Strings adapted the script from Stevenson’s original webcomic (that later became a best-selling graphic novel).

Nimona follows the adventures of its titular character, a shapeshifter who becomes the villainous Lord Ballister Blackheart’s sidekick. Her demons are quite literal, while Blackheart’s are more metaphorical. Together, they battle Blackheart’s arch nemesis, Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin. Simultaneously, they each attempt to come to grips with each other and with their Feelings.

The comic combines Stevenson’s tell-tale wit and spunk with a dark exploration of humanity. It’s an emotional maelstrom from start to finish that presents messy, complicated characters in an easy-to-swallow format. Though the book is aimed at a younger audience, its themes are universal and its emotions raw.

Upon its publication by HarperCollins in 2015, Nimona received a slew of awards. It’s a New York Times Bestseller, New York Times Notable Book, National Book Award finalist, Indies Choice Book of the Year, Kirkus Best Book, School Library Journal Best Book, Publishers Weekly Best Book, NPR Best Book, New York Public Library Best Book, and Chicago Public Library Best Book. It sold nearly 50 thousand copies in 2015 after accumulating a massive following online while Stevenson published it as a weekly webcomic.

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Thus far, no casting information has been released. Who do you want to voice the characters in Nimona? What’s your dream fancast? Sound off in the comments and let us know!