Hugh Jackman takes us to the circus in the Greatest Showman trailer


P.T Barnum gave us the circus and Hugh Jackman is bringing that world to life with the trailer for the Greatest Showman. And get your tissues ready!

Miss Hugh Jackman singing and dancing his way into our hearts? Well look no further than The Greatest Showman. In the trailer released today, we see the great P.T Barnum losing his job and finding his way to the circus life he later becomes known for.

While the movie seemingly came out of nowhere, at least for me, the trailer will have you crying and loving the message that Barnum created his circus around.

As the trailer states, “Everyone of us is special. Nobody is like anyone else. That’s the point of my show.”

The premise of the movie is pretty straightforward. It’s just a story of how the Barnum circuses came to life. With an all-star cast featuring Jackman along with Zac Efron, Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Williams and Zendaya, this is going to be one movie you don’t want to miss!

And it helps that the trailer is absolutely heart-warming. Try and watch it without getting emotional. It’s impossible! The movie is all about how none of us are the same, we’re all unique and the circus is a place where even those who feel completely out of place can find a home.

The trailer has an up-lifting song but it is clear from the trailer that this will be a fun time with dancing and singing. It’ll bring to life what we love about the circus as well as what we love about Hugh Jackman. And honestly, I can’t wait!

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The Greatest Showman comes out this Christmas. And this is definitely one you don’t want to miss. After all, who doesn’t love a good story about the circus?