Game of Thrones dropped a season 7 trailer on the summer solstice


Today is the longest day of the year, so of course HBO decided to release a new Game of Thrones trailer because winter is going to arrive.

Today is the summer solstice for 2017, meaning that it’s the longest day of the year in terms of sunlight. (It also means something about the sun’s position. To make a long story short, it’s now officially summer in all the ways that matter) Now, HBO has leaned into the irony of airing Game of Thrones season 7 during the summer by using hashtags like #PrepareForWinter and now #WinterIsHere.

That’s why it makes perfect sense for a new trailer to arrive when summer is strongest.

And if you think you’re prepared, you’re probably wrong. Check it out below:

Here, the focus mostly turns to our northern characters, who are most acquainted with winter. Littlefinger may have the opening voiceover, but it’s Sansa Stark, Meera Reed, and Bran Stark that we see. Indeed, showing one of the Wall’s gates opening basically confirms that Meera and Bran make it to reunite with his family. Later, you can spot him sitting in what basically looks like a wheelchair.

Second, Jon Snow gets to take over the voiceover. By the fact that the visuals that accompany his voiceover primarily focus on the Targaryen faction with a few shots of the Greyjoys, it’s hard not to imagine that he’s speaking directly to Daenerys herself.

Also, hey there, Berric Dondarrion with your flaming sword! Nice to see you again. Has Melisandre decided that you’re the new Azor Ahai since Jon kicked her out?

There’s also a lot of combat going on. Jaime Lannister rides through a flaming battlefield by himself at one point, looking all grim and determined. Should you have been following spoilers, you can probably guess what this is, but we’ll say no more than that. You can also spot some naval combat as well, with flames hitting ships.

Finally, Sansa gets to take over for the last bit of dialogue. And, as Sophie Turner has already hinted with talk about Sansa’s love for her family, her character talks about staying together to survive.

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It may be summertime, but this trailer has left us chilled and excited.