Game of Thrones season 7: Lannister family drama


Our Culturess sister site, Winter is Coming, released a slurry of spoilers about Game of Thrones’ upcoming 7th season including some juicy Lannister tidbits.

The Lannister twins are without a doubt the world’s favorite incestuous fantasy conquerors.  I chalk it up to their charm and good looks.  Or maybe everyone’s a little weirder than they’d like to admit.  Either way, the tension between Cersei and Jaime has been steadily growing over the past few seasons.  Now, Cersei sits on the Iron throne and, after a brutal massacre, grips Westeros with tyranny and terror.

Empire caught up with some of the actors on the show to gather up some juicy spoilers.  Lannister family drama, as always, is at the forefront.  Subtle references to the books and looming prophecies are going to make season 7 one wild ride.


At the beginning of the fifth season, we got treated to a flashback scene about a prophecy stating that Cersei Lannister would watch all her kids die.  Ouch, right?  In the books, the prophecy also mentions a guy called the “valonqar,” which means “little brother” in High Valyrian.  According to the fortune teller and prophecy, Maggy the Frog, this valonqar guy will choke the crap out of Cersei, killing her.

The part about the valonqar was cut from the speech in the show. However, possible references remain in Cersei’s costuming in the season 7 promos.  Her new black and silver costume features a spiked collar that would do crazy damage to anyone who would try to strangle her.  Whether it’s Tyrion or Jaime remains to be seen.

We all know it’s going to be Jaime, though.  He’s totally going to kill the crap out of Cersei. Mark my words, Internet! Mark my words.

On the subject of Cersei’s new threads, the black and silver color scheme is more symbolic than just slimming.  She’s mourning the death of her kids, so black is apropos.  Also, given her rampage at the end of last season, the black outfit is likely a symbol of her newfound brutality and the growing lust for power that’s consuming her.  The silver, a departure from the traditional Lannister yellow, parallels the sharp cold of the winter.  The coldness inside reflected in her outward appearance.

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In short, she’s becoming a tyrannical nutter-butter.  So maybe Jaime (or whoever) should get to work on that whole murdering your sister thing.