Star Trek Discovery was the show that never was until now


For months we have been waiting for a release date for Star Trek Discovery and finally the time has come: September has never looked better.

Star Trek Discovery seemed like a dream we’d never get for quite some time. Every article that came out said it was being delayed. Then we love Bryan Fuller and really, none of us knew when (or if) we’d ever see this new show.

All the casting and spoilers seemed perfect and it was going to be the best news of 2017. But our hopes were lost with each new delay that came forward. But, I guess, it was worth all that fear and heartache.

Now the wait is finally over, for a release date that is. We still have to wait for the show.

Come Sept. 24 of this year, we’re going to have a new Star Trek series to be in love with. And if that teaser trailer is anything like the actual show, we’re in for quite the treat.

Here’s the thing about Star Trek that has me really excited about this series: it’s a message of peace. Yes there is fighting and even the crew sometimes doesn’t get along but the general feel of every Star Trek series is one of peace throughout the galaxy and hope for the universe.

And with the diverse cast this show brings to us, this may just be the best series yet. You’ll have to get CBS All Access in order to watch it but honestly, this one may be worth it.

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Star Trek Discovery comes to us Sept. 24 and I’m personally very excited. Check back here on Culturess for recaps, news and more! And believe us, we’re going to have a lot to say about this new series!