Man of Steel 2 Supergirl appearance rumors turn out to be false


According to The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez, a rumor circling the web about Supergirl’s involvement in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel is entirely false.

The Man of Steel rumor about Supergirl originated on 4chan and has been making the rounds in the web-o-sphere.  It’s even gaining some traction among some of the entertainment news sites.

According to Umberto Gonzalez who writes for pop-culture news site, The Wrap, however, with an additional tip of the hat to io9, the rumors are completely unfounded.

He tweeted out a screenshot of the offending 4chan thread yesterday.

Gonzalez also dismisses everything from Brainiac’s appearance to the involvement of 300 and Watchmen writers. He even lumps in some Suicide Squad 2 rumors in with the rest of the falsehoods in the 4chan thread.

Personally, I’m kind of disappointed about the Supergirl news.  Women have become the saving grace of the DCEU.  Superhero media has always been rife with misogyny, and we can’t expect a single woman superhero to shoulder the responsibility of fixing that.

Supergirl would have been a fantastic addition to the new DC sandpaper universe (because it’s all gritty now).  Considering the success of the less sandpaper Supergirl television show, a lot more fans could be drawn to the Man of Steel sequel if Supergirl made an appearance.  Considering the abysmal reception of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, the DCEU certainly needs all the help it can get.

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Women make up just over half of the population of the Earth.  The whole Earth.  It’s stupid even from a marketing perspective to leave such a massive demographic out in the cold. Television has always been by and for women from soap operas to police procedurals. Just look at the amazing things done on television. Fantastic stories about women aren’t impossible. Far from it, actually. Why is the jump from television to film such a difficult one?  If the DC CEO-bros took a step back to see what women are capable of, they might actually start earning more positive reception.