25 of the most handsome fathers on television

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Jaime Lannister – Game of Thrones

Here’s another fine piece of male specimen that is simply awful as a person but very, very good looking. Now, since none of us are Cersei, we’re probably not really his type.

He may be pretty and well-appointed (which are all excellent qualities to have in an object of lust) but he’s also made of some pretty tough stuff. He can take a beating, weather the elements, and withstand a lot of physical pain. These are qualifiers for being a total stud all day long.

He also has a special place in his heart for misfits and broken things, making him a likely contender for my imaginary boyfriend. His relationship with his little brother is enough to make my heart parts swell, but it’s his kindness that allows me to daydream about sharing a castle with him in our golden years.

He’s such a catch that I’d even consider fighting his murderous sister for his attention, although that’s a fight I would inevitably lose. Maybe he has room in his medieval heart for women who aren’t siblings, and maybe, just maybe, he’d let me wear that suit of amour and cape every now and then. Even if he wasn’t among the richest and most powerful families in the seven kingdoms, I could still find a way to love him and make him my own, even if it guaranteed my certain death.