25 of the most handsome fathers on television

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Don Draper – Mad Men

I know. I know. Don’t send me mean tweets, folks. I know Don Draper was an emotionally abusive father whose toxic relationship with his children and wife probably screwed them up for life. I know – he’s the worst. But he’s also the absolutely best looking man on Madison Avenue.

I’ve been very open about my weakness for a man in a well-fitted suit, so me and Don Draper are an obvious fit (there’s also my willingness to accept bad behavior from very good looking men). He is so put together, you have to wonder if he’s even real (which of course he’s not, but Jon Hamm is still doing okay IRL). That skin, that perfectly coiffed hair, and that incredulous smirk are all major turn ons. And he certainly knows how to make day-drinking and misogyny look good. Sure, as a human, he’s questionable, but as a piece of eye-candy, he’s top rate.

Don Draper’s notorious womanizing is only a small deterrent to  my massive crush. You would think I would have learned my lesson about lusting after men who will inevitably break your heart into a million pieces. But have you seen how those pants fit him? Don maybe be kind of a terrible human who has so little personal insight that he would inevitably make you sorry you ever met him, but man does he look make the ’60s look good.