Can we trust Colin Trevorrow with Star Wars Episode IX?


The Book of Henry director Colin Trevorrow is set to direct the ninth installment in the Star Wars franchise and fans would rather he didn’t.

Colin Trevorrow is currently slated to direct Star Wars Episode IX but fans don’t really want him. Why? Well, his latest film is not getting the best reviews. Director of The Book of Henry, Trevorrow had a lot to prove to Star Wars fans and the movie does a pretty bad job of giving us any sort of hope.

I saw the movie and I’ll tell you this: I still can’t decide if I like it or not because the movie was all over the place. And that was definitely due to the direction. It couldn’t figure out tone and that is frightening as a fan of Star Wars. Why? Because that’s arguably the most important part of the films.

So who do fans want to take over? Well, a director whose latest work masters the art of tone and power and left fans in joyous tears. That’s right, the Internet is rallying behind Patty Jenkins to have her take over as director.

In Patty we trust, right?

And it’s not just one fan who has this fear, it’s plenty. Most Star Wars fans know what a bad director can do to this series. Remember the prequels? And after the wonderful turns that J.J Abrams and Gareth Edwards had withThe Force Awakens and Rogue One respectively, there is a lot riding on this.

So why not give the ninth film to the director who has already made a movie that’s earned comparisons from Forbes to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens in terms of box office second weekends? Why not give it to the woman who is slowly taking over all our geeky hearts?

After all, why shouldn’t a man’s flop make him lose directing a Star Wars film? Imagine if Patty Jenkins had directed a flop right before Wonder Woman. You can’t because if Jenkins did that, we’d never have gotten her Wonder Woman.

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So who do you think should direct Episode IX? Sound off in the comments below!