Kindergarten kids love Wonder Woman too. In fact, more than us all


Wonder Woman has taken over the world and that includes a kindergarten class where one girl refuses to answer to anything but the hero’s name.

In the argument about whether or not Wonder Woman is important, kids everywhere are coming out and proving why she is. From little girls going to theaters dressed as the Amazonian goddess to little boys expressing their love of the heroine, everyone is talking about Diana Prince!

But it’s things like this tweet that director Patty Jenkins shared that truly shows us just how much Wonder Woman is shaping children. The director took to Twitter to share something a teacher put online that the producer of the film sent the creative team.

The tweet? Well, it is adorable moments from a kindergarten classroom about students reacting to Wonder Woman.

I have two personal favorites from the story. One is the little girl who screamed at a boy for littering and exclaimed that that is why there are no boys on Themyscira. The second? Well, that’s the girl after my own heart. One of the students refuses to answer to anything except the name “Wonder Woman” and honestly, that’s something I would have done as a kid.

This story is just so important because it shows the power this movie has. Even the boys are joining in on the love of Diana Prince and want their parents to buy them Wonder Woman merchandise.

Here’s the truly important thing about this movie: it isn’t about boys vs girls. It’s about a wonderful superhero teaching children that love and compassion can save the world. Yes, Diana stands for justice but she represents the love of mankind.

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That’s why she is so important right now and these kids show that. You can see Wonder Woman in theaters now and get your tickets! This is one movie that everyone is rushing to see!