The Han Solo movie doesn’t have an official title, but it does have a t-shirt


Let the puns roll (see what I did there? $50 in the pun jar, fam) in as we get a glimpse at the Han Solo tee worn by crew members on set of the new Star Wars film.

Can I see a show of hands for how many people are paying attention to the Han Solo film? I’m desperate for more The Last Jedi footage, but I’m still pretending that Han Solo’s story starts in A New Hope and ends in The Force Awakens. I maintain that there’s no need for a Han Solo origin film. Furthermore, a majority of his charm lies in his otherwise mysterious past. (Whereas we saw Boba Fett as a young child and he was killed off way too soon in the original trilogy, making a solo film for him the perfect choice.) (Obi-Wan who?)

Regardless, Lucasfilm’s a cash cow. Thanks to The Force Awakens and the fact that it reawoke the fandom, the Star Wars brand now shows no signs of slowing down. (I won’t be upset if the brand disappears for another decade after Episode IX.)

We all know the kind of super sleuths that live among us Star Wars fans. I mean, we’re everywhere. Though, today’s tidbit comes courtesy of someone who worked on the film … and isn’t actually trying to hide anything. So beware — there are no spoilers here. This is mostly speculation on behalf of someone who thinks graphic tees are cool.

Basically, a crew member for the film sent some pictures of the official crew shirt to Making Star Wars. What’s cool about it is its semi-official logo. It’s official because Lucasfilm handed it out, but that may not be the final logo for the film.

Check it out:

Additionally, there are different tees for the stunt team, too. The logo’s pretty appropriate for the origin film of Mr. Han “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid” Solo. Plus, on the back, it says “We shot first” with a camera, because everybody loves a good double entendre.

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You know, depending on the sort of handwriting you’re used to, I could make the argument that that’s a K.

The Han Soko film is scheduled to hit theaters in May 2018.