Travel Tuesday: Theme park interactive queues make waits bearable


Often the most popular theme park rides come with long waits. Theme park interactive queues make the theme park ride waits much more bearable.

Theme parks accommodate thousands of guests. During busy periods, like Spring Break, a theme park can experience even more guests. As the crowds grow, the wait times for the theme parks’ popular rides grow. As the minutes turn to hours, the long, boring queue can make anyone grouchy. Theme park interactive queues make the ride waiting experience much more pleasant.

Visiting a theme park can be an overwhelming experience even on the least crowded day. Anxiety over the stomach dropping roller coaster can be high. Checking off the must do and see list can leave people antsy. And, the monetary cost of the whole experience can make some people grouchy. When a theme park tried to make a ride wait more pleasant, everyone wins.

Many theme parks have incorporated virtual waits and express passes. Disney’s MagicBand is the most successful, free accelerated ride option. Many parks offer an express pass for purchase. While sometimes expensive, this option can cut ride wait times to the bear minimum.

For theme park guests who don’t want to spend more money, a long, winding queue can make even the most patient person’s tensions rise. The slow shuffle to the ride entrance can be 1000% percent longer than the actual ride time. Thankfully, some theme parks are trying to make the queue more enjoyable.

Theme park interactive queues, Universal Orlando, Harry Potter, photo by Cristine Struble

Theme park interactive queues help guests pass the time during ride waits. Universal Orlando is a great example of this accommodation. Many Universal rides have numerous experiences throughout the queue.

In the newest Universal ride, Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon guests have so much to do in the waiting room that they may not want to leave to ride. The upstairs queue area features singers, video games and an occasional visit from Hashtag. Passing time in this area is a breeze. The only complaint is when riders get whisked out of the queue too quickly and don’t get to experience it all.

Other Universal rides like Gringotts, Skull Island Reign of Kong and Harry Potter the Forbidden Journey all have interactive queues. The Harry Potter rides have so many hidden gems that it takes several visits to see all the details. Skull Island has a few secret experiences too. While I won’t ruin it, I suggest that you walk cautiously through the line.

Theme park interactive queues, Manta SeaWorld Orlando, photo by Cristine Struble

More theme parks are seeing the benefit of interactive queues. SeaWorld Orlando has an entire aquarium in the Manta queue. The numerous rays and fish line the walls up to the roller coaster entrance. Busch Gardens Tampa has a snake exhibit in its queue for the Cobra’s Curse.

These details help make the theme park experience a more memorable and enjoyable one for guests. Of course, the rides themselves are the star attractions, but the more pleasurable wait can make the ride seem even better and possibly more memorable.

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Ready for your next theme park visit? A theme park interactive queue at your favorite ride could change your ride experience. Maybe you won’t even miss your phone that you had to stow in the locker at the ride’s entrance.