Parks and Recreation Funko Pop! dolls are coming but why no Ben Wyatt?


Parks and Recreation fans have been longing for merchandise and now they’re going to get it in the form of Funko Pop! dolls. But none for fans of Ben, bye.

For years, Parks and Recreation fans have been waiting. We have wanted to own our favorite characters in Funko Pop! form. Unfortunately, we haven’t had the option. That is, until now!

Finally we can have a Leslie or Ron Funko Pop! to add to our collections! And they’re absolutely adorable to look at!

The collection features a Leslie, Ron, Andy, April, Lil Sebastian and a Burt Macklin.

Now this is great and all but I personally am a little upset. As someone who has loved Parks and Recreation for years, I’ve wanted to own my favorite character as a Funko Pop! doll for quite some time. So why do we need 2 different Andys and a Lil Sebastian?

Probably because Chris Pratt is popular. But if Funko really wanted to get fans of the show, they’d release Donna and Tom dolls or Ann and Chris. Or, I don’t know, my favorite character of all time: Ben Wyatt.

The fact that Ben is not featured is what upsets me the most. He’s one of the top players but they gave us two different Andys? Just because Chris Pratt got popular doesn’t change the fact that Ben was, a lot of the time, a bigger part than Andy was.

So what do I want? A Ben Funko Pop! so my Ben and Leslie can live on my dresser for all my days. But until I get one, I’ll just have to continue to pretend the Leslie Funko Pop! I’m going to buy is Leslie from seasons 1 until midway through season 3.

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This collection comes out in July so get ready Parks and Recreation fans!