DC’s Bombshells United dives into the darker side of WWII


The return of the DC Bombshells dives into the darker consequences of World War II: internment camps and other atrocities committed on the homefront. DC will release the first issue of Bombshells United this August.

Writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Marguerite Sauvage dive headfirst into Bombshells United this August. Presented as an alternate history of World War II, the original Bombshells universe presented superheroes like Wonder Woman and Supergirl defending the homefront.

Bombshells United kicks off in 1943. While the first Bombshells series focused on the early days of World War II, Bombshells United comes later. Thus, it focuses on atrocities committed on the homefront. Of particular focus is the Japanese internment camps that displaced thousands of Americans.

After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in December 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed and issued Executive Order 9066 in February 1942. This order forced Japanese Americans out of their homes and into internment camps. Roosevelt eventually suspended the order in December 1944. However, camps remained open until 1946. Reintegration efforts for those who’d been incarcerated were poor at best.

In the first issue of Bombshells United, Wonder Woman travels to Arizona to help Cassie Sandsmark and Donna Troy’s interred families. To save them from this horrendous fate, Diana will have to face off against former allies.

According to Comicosity, Bennett and Sauvage will focus each arc of Bombshells United on a particular hero or group of heroes. The intent is to give each storyline its proper due. In this case, that means diving deep into the socioeconomic and political issues of each arc.

Bombshells United focuses on what heroes would do if they could live this time period over again. Bennett said she was inspired “after realizing that this dark chapter of American history was being overlooked, ignored, or even erased from our national narrative.”

To get the story right, Bennett read history books and novels, and spoke with volunteers over the course of several trips at Manzanar National Historic site. She also deferred to Asian-American creators and editors. “I want to highlight something that should never be forgotten or removed from our story,” Bennett said. She also said she wanted to be sure the story was honest, as well as respectful to the survivors of the period.

The social justice aspect of this series is important, especially now. If Bennett and Sauvage succeed, this series will stand out. Hopefully, their consultants will be credited and compensated for their work. Then the series will really stand out.

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The first issue of DC’s Bombshells United launches digitally on Friday, August 25. New chapters will be available weekly. Beginning September 6, print issues will collect two digital chapters each and ship twice monthly.