Wonder Woman is the most tweeted film of 2017 so far


You know all those tweets about Wonder Woman that are taking up your timeline? Well, it has resulted in the movie being the most tweeted about.

According to VarietyWonder Woman is, so far, the most tweeted about movie of 2017. So take that every movie of 2017. Diana Prince is taking over the internet and there is nothing any of us can do about it.

Now in defence of all other movies coming out or that have come out, it’s only June. And it does help that the film had quite the controversy with those female-only screenings. But the results show that people just really love talking about Diana Prince and her origin story.

Who’s talked about most

According to Variety, out of the stars, Gal Gadot comes in as the number one talked about. Which makes sense, she is, after all, Wonder Woman. Second is Patty Jenkins coming in hot. The first woman to direct a female led superhero movie has been getting a lot of praise. And it is well deserved!

Patty Jenkins did a phenomenal job and brought a character we all love so deeply to life. Following her in third place is Chris Pine. The Twitterless star who played Steve Trevor is slowly rising in everyone’s Chris rankings.

On her Twitter account, Gal Gadot’s most popular tweets are those with promotional images and trailers for the movie. After all, we love Diana and her friends.

Gal Gadot talked with Variety on the blue carpet premiere of Wonder Woman about the importance of Diana.

"“I think that it’s so important that we have also strong female figures to look up to, and Wonder Woman is an amazing one. It’s great that after 75…years that this character had been around, finally she gets her own movie.”"

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