Seeing Wonder Woman in a female-only screening is an experience


Getting to go to the all-female screening of Wonder Woman is something I will never forget. Especially with everyone applauding Steve Trevor.

Seeing Wonder Woman with a group of women only is exactly what you think it’d be like. We all stood up and gave a wild call and ran around screaming about how we’re all Diana. Every woman sacrificed a goat and we all now have immortality.

Okay, do the people who hated on the idea of a female-only screening finally get that it’s not nearly as bad as they originally thought? No? Do I have to lie some more?

It honestly was just like going to any other movie, but freeing. We went into that movie with the knowledge that we were all in this together. When Steve Trevor comes out completely naked, girls clapped. (You know I clapped. Chris Pine naked? I don’t care if I’m in a screening with a bunch of dudes, I’m gonna hoot and holler no matter what.)

But sitting there and feeling like we can openly sob and scream and cheer without having the eyes of a disgruntled man on us was freeing. Put it this way, when Captain America: Civil War came out, many girls cheered when it was very clear that the director was giving us that sweet arm action for Chris Evans.

In many theaters, men got angry (I know they did in mine) because that scene ‘wasn’t meant to be sexy’. I’m sorry, did we watch the same movie? Chris Evans flexes with a helicopter in his hand for no reason. So now imagine watching Wonder Woman and seeing women cheer when Steve Trevor comes out of the Amazon pools completely naked without having to hear “it’s not sexy! He was healing!” coming out of the mouths of the men next them.

It was really freeing

Girls young and old felt like they could make witty comments without anyone getting mad at them. Like when the girl next to me said “oh look, he got one!” when Steve finally punches a guy after the alley fight.

Everyone loudly cheered and laughed when Diana says that men are necessary for procreation but unnecessary when it comes to pleasure. We all openly cried as she crossed No Man’s Land.

At the end, when Steve exclaims “I can save today, you can save the world”, you could hear the sniffles and no one was afraid of being judged.

For the first time in a movie, I sat there and cried without thinking “someone is going to think I’m weird for crying”. We were all in this together.

Our mutual love of Wonder Woman and her story brought us together and we were seeing a female hero take on the world. It was so moving and if you can go to one of these screenings, I highly suggest it.

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Wonder Woman is in theaters now. Go to whatever screening you can because this movie is so important and it isn’t one you want to miss.