Why Steve Trevor is the character men should look to as a feminist ally


With Wonder Woman taking the internet by storm, it’s important not to forget the message that the character of Steve Trevor sends to men and women.

Wonder Woman is taking the world by storm and so is Steve Trevor. The unpowerful love interest to Diana Prince is one that we feel really represents what it means to be a feminist ally. So we’re going to look into what makes Steve so wonderful and why men should really look at him to figure out how to be a male feminist.

Stepping aside

For most of the movie, Steve steps aside and lets Diana do what is necessary. There never is really a moment where he feels emasculated by her. For instance, the first time we see them, she’s rescuing him.

Never did he question her or get angry about a woman saving him. He never doubts the Amazons. The minute he sees them and what they’re capable of, he’s fine with it all. That’s it. Nothing more.

From then on, Steve continues to start to question Diana and try to help her until he sees what she’s capable of. The minute he’s aware that she can do everything and more, he just lets her do what is necessary.

Steve tries to explain to Diana what can and cannot be done but when she gets an idea in her head, he doesn’t tell her she can’t because she’s a woman. It never is a question about whether or not her sex keeps her from succeeding. It’s always whether or not it is physically possible for a human being to do it.

It’s about what you believe

Steve’s main purpose in the film is to teach Diana about the world. It’s something that is very clear and we see it even in his last act. He teaches her of love and compassion but never is it in a condescending way.

She’s naive to the world and he’s just her guide. It’s not a man explaining things to her, she asks a question and he answers it. He never talks down to her or makes her feel less than him simply because he’s a man.

It’s a wonderful thing to see in a movie. Steve Trevor is honestly a phenomenal character and it is a joy that we now have him in the DC Extended Universe.

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Wonder Woman is in theaters now. Go out and buy your tickets because this is truly a movie you don’t want to miss.