Patty Jenkins is signed on for Wonder Woman 2 but… where will it take place?


Our hero and fearless director Patty Jenkins is apparently signed on for the follow-up film to Wonder Woman. But what time period will take over the movie?

Patty Jenkins is being regarded as our patron saint of the Wonder Woman fandom. Why? Well, she made an incredible movie. Many called her a ‘gamble’ because her only big credit was the Oscar-winning picture Monster. But hey, she’s a woman, so that’s gamble, right?

Well, it seems as though the lesson’s been learned here. Because reports came in that Patty already signed on for Wonder Woman 2. The problem? We’re not exactly sure what time period we’re going to get. Initially, reports were saying that we’d get Diana in another period piece but now there are conflicting reports saying her sequel will take place in modern day times.

And there are even more questions about what will happen in the sequel after having seen the film. For those who don’t want spoilers, don’t read ahead.

So, we know that Diana already faced off against one of her biggest foes: Ares took the form of Sir Patrick Morgan and came to fight her in a huge epic blowout in the end. Though Diana apparently killed him, he’s a god, so there’s reason to believe he’ll return.

And what about Steve Trevor? In the comics, there is a version where Aphrodite brings him back to life. Is that how they’ll get around killing him off to show to Diana that humans are capable of great terrors as well as love and compassion?

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What time period do you want to see Diana take on? Personally, I’d love to see her face World War II, but we will have to wait and see what the film actually does. Sound off in the comments below where you’d like Diana to go to next! And who you’d like to see there!