Steve Trevor was objectified in Wonder Woman and it was pretty awesome


When it comes to being objectified in movies, women know the story well but now Steve Trevor has taken on the burden of the new Wonder Woman.

Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine in the new Wonder Woman is the man who brings Diana to the world of man from Themyscira. But she saves him first. He crash lands on the island when the Germans come after him and he goes into the Amazon pools.

And that’s where the fun begins. Basically, it’s a simple formula. Most superhero or action movies objectify women and go on their merry way. But Wonder Woman, and really a lot of the DCEU, have changed that.

In this movie especially, we got some prime Chris Pine. No, really, there is literally nothing on this man’s body in one scene. So Steve comes out of the pool to find Diana looking at him. The scene has some witty lines about whether or not he’s above average, but really, we just get some great shots of a naked Chris.

And for years we’ve had to see women clad in skimpy clothes going across our screens in superhero and action movies. So the existence of this scene is fascinating enough. We just get to stare at him while he literally holds a hand over his ‘area’.

It’s like that scene where Steve Rogers flexes but 10 times better. Because there isn’t an inch of Steve Trevor you don’t see. Well, you don’t see what that hand is hiding but the movie is, after all, only PG-13.

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So if you weren’t sold on watching an incredible female kick butt and take names, maybe the promise of a basically naked Chris Pine will entice you into seeing Wonder Woman. The film is in theaters today!